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This is for all the girls, and boys all over the world whatever you've been told, you're worth more than gold so hold your head up high, it's your time to shine! From the inside it shows, you're worth more than gold! Have a good day! <3


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Do you think Troyler (💕) will ever become real or will be just friends/internet boyfriends?

hmm just friends, but i still like to imagine u feel

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Do you think Troye will stop making YouTube videos this year or next year?

hmm i dont know i dont wanna assume anything but next year probs idkidkdidkdidkdkkd maybe even in like 5 years who knows

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I just choked on my lunch 


I just choked on my lunch 

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I saw someone who looked like you in Sweden omg

wow wow

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Hey. I am new in this fandom. (literally 3 days ago I didn't even knew who Troye is). So I wantend to ask something. Is Troye gay? (omg. please don't hate. I just want to know). I hope this fandom accepts new fans.

some people in the fandom dont accept new fans……… but yes some do, and yes troye is gay, he uploaded his coming out video last august!

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Is Connor gay ?

nope, straight

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would you care if Troye stopped vlogging? I'm asking in the most genuine way. I just wanna know what you think. Cause i feel like i would be sad but also totally understand.

of course i would yea, it would be really really really sad youknow BUT i know he wouldnt quit it for no reason, so he would have reasons why he quit, so that would make the situtation a little bit better hahahah, but the thing that would suck about it, would be that there wouldnt be THAT big of a connection between his viewers/fans bc of course he wouldnt be making videos anymore, (also there wouldnt be alot to gif hahahah) but yeah that would be the only bad thing, ALSO I WOULD MISS HIM SO MUCH i know i would feel v lost hahah

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Could u imagine an acoustic version of happy little pill

WOW wow WOW owow wowwoowowowo

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connor is straight omg yall are thirsty motherfuckers

omfg i know, people know

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hey hey dudes. do you mind if i pour my heart out for a quick second??

i’ve been a tiny wee bit stressed recently about my YouTube channel and the content i want to make for it/the content that you guys want to see on it. i can see that you all are genuinely so excited about my music, and really…

YES HOLY SHIT those behind the scene-ish things wow yes, but like vlogs, on-the-go stuff would be really cool cool, also vlogs whenever you feel like doing and like you have time

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do you ship tronnor or troyler more? or do you ship them equally?

troyler more :):):)

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i don't understand why u all think that troy is gay. i think u all upset him so much.

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everybody ships tronnor now they'd literally be the best couple connor is always looking at troye with heart eyes i'm cry

I KNOW I KNOW i just need a collab omg

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